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One of the most requested services we have to offer is the Recent Lot and Home Sales information.  We provide up-to-date sales information available to our members at no additional charge for each lot they own and only $30.00 to non-members.  This information is necessary for all landowners and prospective purchasers to make informed decisions concerning land value.  This is not an appraisal, but it will show you what land and homes sold for in your area.

Uninformed landowners without access to the Recent Lot and Homes Sales information unwittingly sometimes sell their land below the going market price.  These landowners often become victims of opportunists.  This is also true of buyers.  Once the recent sales information is available to the majority of landowners, then it becomes difficult to find sellers to sell at ridiculously low prices.  Good accurate information is the best tool we have to protect our investment.  Before you advertise your land for sale, or offer to purchase land, purchase the Recent Lot and Homes Sales so you will make an informed decision.

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